Unless we care, they will perish!  Unless we act immediately, they will be lost!

Reaching the Under-reached in our world

Sponsor a Child-Partnership


Sponsor a Child-A sponsor that donates $300 per year or $25 a month, $75 a quarter or $150 bi-annual toward the support of a sponsor child.



A platinum partner is our partners that donate at least  $3000 per calendar year toward the ongoing mission activities of Walk By Faith Ministries. Many of you have been doing this for 14 years and you have helped us reach thousands of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Entire villages and people groups have been changed. Take the "Degema" people for instance. Since 2000, we have been ministering to these people. God has blessed and prospered these people who had once rejected the Gospel. Now, Degema people are seated in high places of government. They are in high places of authority and making righteous decisions for the "land".


A Gold partner is our partners that donate at least $1000 per calendar year. Many of you sow $1000 gifts at times in our ministry when we really need to hear from God. It really blesses us and helps us to meet our goals. Others of you sow on a regular basis $100, $200 per month and those regular offerings help sustain our 7 fulltime team members in Nigeria in 6 different states.


A silver partner is our partners that donate at least $500 per calendar year toward the mission assignment God has given us. Many of you sow your gifts when we are on our way to the mission field. Those gifts help fund Crusades, Medical ministrations and all of our ongoing ministry activities.




A Bronze partner is our partners who donate at least $300 to either the Sponsor a child project or our regular missions activities.


No matter what you give to this ministry, we take your gifts and partnership serious. We ask that you designate your gifts to the area of the ministry you would like it to be used whether for Crusades, Follow Up Evangelism, Ongoing Ministry Activities, Widows Ministry, Medical Ministry, Orphans Ministry-Sponsor a child.


We believe that your reward for sending and supporting this ministry will be the same reward we receive for going. According to 1 Sam. 30:24 b     "but as his part is that goeth down to the battle, so shall his part be that tarrieth by the stuff: they shall part alike."